MP3 Player 1.2 (XP) Announcement – The new MP3 Player specially designed for Windows XP

MP3 Player 1.2

Improved ‘refresh’ feature allowing playlist refreshment to find deleted/added files in each folder of the playlist without any bug.
Hot e-mail based auto-notification to your buddy of the mp3 file you are currently listening to using the mail server of your ISP.

Up to 5 playlists available.

Built-in search engine to find mp3 files across local drives, network drives, removable drives…

Exclusive TOP 10 function allows you to track mp3 files you are listening the most.

Very low in term of space usage : low hard disk space usage, low memory (RAM) usage, low CPU usage…

Clean installation/uninstallation process.


MP3 Player 1.11

MP3 Player 1.11

You can see a screenshot above with explanations. You can create your playlist very easily with an embedded search engine. There is also an exciting feature which is aimed at
refreshing your playlist automatically, in all your folders.

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Video manager 1.00 – Thin video manager/video jukebox/player

Video manager

A kind of WMP but faster and thin with an embedded search engine to look up your music videos or any kind of video (mainly MPEG/AVI/DIVX)

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Easy CD player


Easy CD player with double-skins support. This software is very easy to use and it is displaying most relevant information including remaining time for the current track along with current time.

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